Canvas Vs. Nylon Tents – Which Tent Materials Is BEST?

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Out there for a brand new tenting tent, however unsure whether or not to search for canvas vs. nylon tents?

You’ve come to the fitting place!

This text will let you know all about what every tent cloth has to supply.

Canvas Vs. Nylon


Canvas vs. Nylon: Comfort

As a result of canvas is a pure materials, it’s extra breathable than nylon, which is an artificial materials. Because of this the airflow in canvas tents is best than in nylon tents.

This implies you’re much less more likely to get condensation inside your tent, which might typically be an issue when you could have an artificial tent fabricated from a cloth resembling nylon.

Though it’s extra breathable, canvas can also be a greater insulator. This implies you’ll have the ability to keep cool when it’s scorching out, and heat when it’s chilly out.

For these causes, it’s secure to say that the extent of consolation supplied by a cotton canvas tent exceeds that of a nylon tent by fairly a bit.

Which materials offers extra consolation? Canvas.


Canvas Vs. Nylon: Durability

So, right here’s the deal. Each canvas and nylon are extremely sturdy supplies.

That being stated, canvas is extra resistant to ripping than nylon is. Its thick threads stop small rips from turning into bigger over time.

Nevertheless, for those who get a tent that’s fabricated from Ripstop nylon, it’ll even be extremely sturdy. Like canvas, Ripstop nylon prevents insignificant injury from turning into extra important.

For those who do get a rip in your canvas tent, you may simply sew it again up with a stitching package.

To restore nylon, however, you want a particular patch, which is considerably extra of a trouble.

Though canvas is extra sturdy, nylon nonetheless has a greater strength-to-weight ratio. It’s a lot lighter than canvas, however solely barely much less sturdy.

Which materials is extra sturdy? Canvas.


Canvas vs. Nylon: Portability

In the case of portability, nylon has positively bought the higher edge.

Nylon tents are light-weight, making them a wonderful selection for backpackers and anyone seeking to preserve their load mild. They’re additionally extra compact, making them simpler to hold round.

Canvas tents are considerably heavier and bulkier. For those who’re automotive tenting, this received’t be an excessive amount of of a difficulty. For backpackers, nonetheless, canvas ought to positively be averted in any respect prices.

Which materials is extra transportable? Nylon.

Climate Resistance

Canvas vs. Nylon: Weather Resistance

Okay, so what concerning the components? Which tent goes to carry up higher in opposition to robust winds, rainfall, and sunny rays beating down onto it?

Nicely, relating to UV resistance, canvas tents come out on prime. Nylon tents will put on down over time due to repeated publicity to the solar. For that reason, a canvas tent will in the end final you for much longer than a nylon tent.

Canvas tents additionally are typically extra secure in windy situations than nylon tents.

Neither tent cloth is waterproof in itself. A nylon tent wants a rain fly to guard it from water, whereas a canvas tent wants waterproofing earlier than you employ it.

 With these measures in place, each tents can have the same diploma of water resistance.

On a last be aware, nylon tents are faster to dry than canvas. That signifies that in case your tent will get moist and also you don’t have sufficient time to let it totally dry, you’re much less more likely to have hassle with it creating an odor if it’s nylon.

Which materials is extra climate resistant? Canvas.

Chilly Climate Use

Canvas Vs. Nylon: Cold Weather Use

Canvas is fabricated from cotton, which is a incredible insulator. Because of this a canvas tent does a fantastic job at holding you cool in the summertime and heat within the winter.

It’s additionally higher at retaining warmth. For those who’re utilizing a tent heater to warmth the within of your tent, the house inside will keep hotter for longer in a canvas tent.

That being stated, there are nonetheless loads of 4-season and even 5-season tents on the market which might be fabricated from nylon. 

For those who’ve bought certainly one of these, and the correct of substances for winter tenting, you’ll be simply tremendous in a nylon tent.

Which materials is best to be used in chilly climate situations? Canvas.


Canvas vs. Nylon: Maintenance

Now, completely different tent supplies all require some form of weatherproofing.

This may be completed by making use of a waterproofing spray. With canvas tents, nonetheless, it may also be completed by simply drenching the tent fully, and letting it dry out. 

This may be completed as soon as, or might must be completed a number of occasions, relying on the actual tent.

Now, as I discussed, canvas tents take longer to dry out. This makes them extra prone to mildew. Due to this, you’ll want to wash a canvas tent extra usually than you’d a nylon tent, to be sure to don’t find yourself with a moldy tent.

If you’re cleansing a canvas tent, be sure to take action rigorously. You don’t need to use a stress cleaner or hose, and also you don’t need to scrub the canvas tent cloth. Additionally, be sure to’re utilizing water that isn’t any hotter than rainwater can be.

Nylon tents aren’t as delicate, and also you don’t should take so many precautions when cleansing them. You’ll be able to even get away with washing them within the washer more often than not.

For that reason, I’d say a nylon tent is certainly simpler to keep up than a canvas tent.

Which materials is simpler to keep up? Nylon.

Environmental Sustainability

Canvas vs. Nylon: Environmental Sustainability

One other facet that shouldn’t be ignored is environmental sustainability. That is one other class the place canvas shines.

As a result of it’s a pure materials, canvas is biodegradable. Because of this as soon as it’s reached the tip of its lifespan, it’s capable of degrade again into the earth, with out leaving any hint or harming the planet in any means.

Nylon cloth, however, is a man-made cloth produced from petroleum. Petroleum is a non-renewable useful resource, and making these tents entails the usage of dangerous chemical substances.

This course of additionally produces poisonous waste as a byproduct, which is dangerous to the setting, in addition to animals and people.

That’s not all, although.

As soon as a nylon tent’s lifespan has come to an finish (which might be faster than a canvas tent, by the way in which) it is going to find yourself sitting in a landfill. 

As time passes, it’ll break down into microplastics, which find yourself within the air we breathe and the water we drink.

That signifies that a nylon tent will proceed to wreak havoc on the setting, lengthy after you’ve stopped utilizing it.

Which materials is extra environmentally sustainable? Canvas.


Canvas vs. Nylon: Price

Canvas tents are usually dearer than nylon.

It is because canvas is fabricated from cotton, a pure materials. Nylon, however, is artificial and is subsequently extra reasonably priced.

4-season tents which might be made to resist excessive temperature situations are the primary exception. These are sometimes fabricated from nylon, however might be dearer than a canvas tent.

Which materials is cheaper? Nylon.

Issues To Take into account When Shopping for Canvas Vs. Nylon Tents

Function & Tenting Sort

One of many predominant variations between canvas and nylon tents is their weight. Basically, canvas tents are going to be the heavier possibility when in comparison with their nylon counterparts. 

Due to this, canvas tents are going to be the most suitable choice for automotive tenting, or eventualities the place you don’t want to hold your tent over lengthy distances. That is very true when you think about canvas’ tendency to be cumbersome. 

Compared, nylon tents are recognized for being light-weight and transportable, or simply condensed in your pack. 

These qualities make them the most suitable choice for backpacking, or eventualities through which you may be carrying your shelter for lengthy durations of time. 

Climate & Environmental Circumstances

Each varieties of tents may also help preserve you heat and guarded all through varied climate situations.

Nevertheless, in some circumstances you need to prioritize one cloth over the opposite relying on anticipated climate or environmental situations. 


Canvas tents are produced from cotton, which makes them infinitely extra breathable than nylon tents.

Due to this, canvas tents are often the higher possibility for desert tenting as a result of they don’t retailer warmth like their nylon counterparts. 

Nylon tents wouldn’t have robust breathability qualities exterior of their mesh air flow programs.

This could create a construct up of warmth and moisture within the tent through the temperature adjustments that desert nights are recognized for. 

Rain & Storms

There isn’t a transparent winner between the 2 varieties of tents for wet climate situations.
Nylon tents are usually extra waterproof however can lack air flow.

This could result in condensation construct up throughout a rainstorm. Compared, canvas tents are persistently waterproof, however not waterproof.

These tents will must be handled extra continuously with waterproof coatings to maintain rain totally out of the tent.

These tents additionally get considerably heavier when moist, which might make portability tough.

Nevertheless, canvas tents are extra breathable, which means that you’ll not expertise the identical points with condensation as you’d with a nylon tent – even throughout a foul storm.

Snow & Chilly Circumstances

Whereas there are some 4-season nylon tents that may stand as much as an excessive chilly setting, canvas tents are the higher possibility for chilly climate tenting.

Their cloth permits moisture to go away the tent inside whereas sustaining the physique warmth created inside.

This mixture will preserve you feeling heat and toasty, irrespective of how chilly it will get exterior your tent.

In excessive chilly climate tenting, you may even convey a “scorching tent” produced from canvas, which contains house for an inner heater throughout the design.

Funds Constraints

Basically, nylon tents are going to be the extra reasonably priced possibility between the 2 varieties of tent.

If you’re on the lookout for a multipurpose tent at an reasonably priced charge, nylon supplies must be your first possibility.

Canvas tents are produced from cotton whereas nylon tents are produced from artificial supplies.

As a rule, the cotton required of their manufacturing is dearer to purchase, produce, and deal with with waterproof coatings.

Compared, nylon supplies are simpler to create and produce into tents, leaving means for a lighter price ticket.

The exception to this rule lies with 4-season tents which, though produced from nylon supplies, comprise further design and materials layers to make sure they will preserve their occupants heat – even within the harshest situations.

Relying on the dimensions of the 4-season tent, they are often much more costly than a canvas tent.

Lengthy-Time period Vs. Quick-Time period Utilization

If each tent varieties are taken care of correctly and totally dried out earlier than being positioned in storage, it’s seemingly that the canvas tent will last more and have the ability to be used for an extended time period.

The principle purpose for that is that nylon supplies are extra prone to solar injury, so each time you employ them within the open they’re getting broken.

Canvas tents maintain up a lot better to daylight and received’t have the same concern on the similar charge.

Each varieties of supplies might be patched up and repaired if torn or ripped.


Which Tent Materials Is Extra Appropriate For Wet Environments?

It relies upon. For those who’re on the lookout for a heat retreat from the rain and don’t have to fret about carrying the load of the moist tent in your again, canvas could also be for you.

For those who want a tent that may defend you from the rain, then pack up in your trek the subsequent day, a nylon tent might be your finest wager.

How Do Canvas & Nylon Tents Carry out In Snowy Circumstances?

Basically, canvas tents usually carry out higher in snowy situations when in comparison with nylon tents.

That is largely as a result of their cloth’s means to wick away moisture and retain warmth.

Nevertheless, there are additionally 4-season nylon tents which might be designed particularly to retain warmth in snowy situations.

Are There Vital Value Variations Between Canvas & Nylon Tents?

It relies upon. Canvas tents are often dearer than nylon tents, however worth can fluctuate between sizes and fashions.

Which Tent Materials Provides A Higher Lifespan?

Canvas tents will last more than nylon tents over an extended time period as a result of materials’s sturdiness and solar resistance.

How Do I Preserve & Care For Every Sort Of Tent Materials To Maximize Its Life?

Similar to most tents, you have to to periodically clear and restore each canvas and nylon tents to keep up them over an extended time period.

Each varieties of tents must also be totally dried out earlier than long run storage to stop mildew and mildew progress.

As a result of canvas is a heavier materials than nylon, it may take an extended time to dry out.

Make sure you go away canvas out to attempt for an extended time period, and make sure that it’s fully dry, earlier than storing it away.

Are There Any Hybrid Tents That Mix Each Supplies?

Whereas most canvas tents comprise some degree of nylon or artificial supplies, it’s uncommon to discover a tent that has a 50/50 make-up of canvas and nylon.

The Last Verdict

As you may see, every tent cloth has its personal set of professionals and cons.

Canvas cloth is extra sturdy and climate resistant. It additionally offers higher consolation, and performs higher in extraordinarily chilly climate situations.

Then again, nylon is extra transportable, simpler to keep up, and extra reasonably priced.

All in all, for those who’re on the lookout for a backpacking tent the selection is obvious – high quality nylon tent that received’t weigh you down in your travels is the way in which to go.

For those who’re a automotive camper and also you don’t thoughts the additional weight, I’d advocate investing in canvas tent. So long as you’re taking correct care of it, it’ll final you for a few years to return.

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